Top Sectors To See Most Investor Activity Post Covid


The coronavirus pandemic has affected virtually all industries in many ways. In the wake of the global pandemic, countries across the globe had to introduce new restrictions to try to control the spread of the virus, including lockdowns, social distancing, and halted certain economic activities. This created a lot of trouble for players in many industries. Consumers also lost confidence in spending on certain products and services, especially expensive and non-essential ones. 

The tech sector experienced a positive impact and there has been a lot of economic activity in this sector. As things start returning to normal, various sectors are going to experience most investor activity.

Airlines & MRO

Airlines have experienced plenty of financial trouble due to the pandemic. The entire travel industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. Since airlines receive lots of government support, they are not going to fail, and once the COVID-19 is eventually controlled, there will be an increase in demand for travel. Publicly traded airlines will then experience a lot of investor activity. 

Media & Advertising

Businesses were truly affected when the economy shut down in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Many had massively cut down on their advertising budgets, thus affecting the advertising industry. Once we return to normal, businesses will increase their advertising spending, thus benefiting the advertising sector. 


Restaurants have been closed since covid-19 restrictions started. Small and medium-sized restaurants globally have experienced the hardest hit. Publically traded restaurants are likely to survive, and once the COVID-19 is contained, people will rush to eat out again. 

Businesses Services

Various business services, including human resources consultants, accountants, janitorial services, and more suffered losses as many companies had to close down, while others cut down on expenses. As we recover from the coronavirus pandemic, these business services will see an upswing. 

Outdoor recreation 

People haven’t been going to recreational centers since the onset of the COVID-19 restrictions. Stocks across recreational companies have been low. As we recover from the pandemic and the restrictions lifted, people will get back to recreational activities. 


Technology has been the major driving force of the economy in the global coronavirus pandemic. Businesses have seen the need to be digitalized and business owners are taking their businesses online. The technology sector saw a huge growth in 2020 and will continue through post covid. 


The importance of healthcare has been emphasized since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. The sector has seen fast growth in innovations, making it a good investment opportunity for dynamic investors. 


As consumer discretionary spend increases again and electric mobility picks up, we will see commensurate increased activity in new launches, investments, partnerships ets.


These are the top sectors that you need to watch in the post-covid-19 pandemic. Some of these sectors have taken massive hits, such as travel, restaurants, advertising, sports, event, and party suppliers, and outdoor recreation. Once we recover from the pandemic, these sectors will see an upswing.

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